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Product Description
Product name
Wholesale Dark Black Skin Lightening Private Label Face Body Bath Whitening Brighten Natural Organic Handmade Kojic Acid Soap
Main function
Whitening, brightening skin, anti-acne, moisturizing, cleansing
Supplier Type
Manufacture direct sale.
1pcs / In stock, One day delivery, Provide sample service.
Wholesales / Drop shipping.

OEM/ODM, Private Label, LOGO, Packaging customization.

Purchase of raw materials, Transportation solutions.
Delivery Time
Local Warehouse in USA, Fast delivery!

3 to 7 days by air, 25 to 45 days by sea, Land Carriage 10-15 days.

Payment Terms
T/T, Western Union, Bank Transfer, PayPal, Alibaba Trade Assurance.
Advantages For Kojic Acid Soap:
1.Kojic acid is an excellent whitening and whitening ingredient. After decades of research and application, kojic acid is a tried and tested classic ingredient.
2. “Kojic acid” can rob copper ion with tyrosinase, make tyrosinase loses activity, block the generation of melanin, achieve the purpose of whitening, light spot.
3. Rice fermentation process of the product, the main role is to inhibit tyrosinase synthesis, thereby inhibiting the production of melanin, in addition to the benzene catechol, its whitening effect is the best.
About Us
Q:Do you support sample service?

A:Yes,we provide sample service,the sample quantity can be 1-5pcs .
Q:Are the sample free?
A:Usually samples are not free.But we will deduct the sample fee for you in your subsequent order, so it is free.
Q:Are you products effective and safe?
A:Yes,it’s safe and efffective ,We choose safe materialsand could to the cosmetics of standard of most of areas and countries .We have did a lot in the R&D stageto get the clinical data to confirm our product is effective
Q:Can I have private label?
A:Yes,of course,you can make you own private label and package,if you need to design the packaging ,we also have professional designer to serve you.
Q:Are you a factory or a trading company?
A:We are a factory who have 14+ years experience for OEM and ODM.Can customized to meet your specific needs.



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